Case Studies

Reaching the unreached

The notion of quality in healthcare is limited to the corporate world. In 2003 quality council of India took the initiative to set up a body with a dream to standardize Indian healthcare industry. Even after 3 years the momentum did not pick up. Then corporate world took the whole initiative as a storm and entire industry could feel the standardized system gradually creeping its way into healthcare. Since the standards were set up on international parameters, quality was limited to corporate world only.

Singh Health care solution took up the challenge of NABH for tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We took up first project as independent consultant in the Madurai, which was a 50 Bedded hospital, run by two doctors and handful of loyal staff. The staff did not have any administrative qualification or experience. The only factor which led to the initiation of the project was one common dream, our dream for having presence in tier 2 and tier 3 markets and the hospital dream of achieving NABH.

We took up the challenge for improving the hospital; we carried our initial assessment and kept the hospital abreast for all the changes required from their end. First two months nothing seemed to be moving as the staff intellectual level was stumpy and the training needs were enormous. Hospital had constant fear of not making the project through. With lot of persistence and perseverance, we continued with the repeated trainings, regular audits and spending time with individual members for enhancing their understanding of the concept. We took 6 months of preparation and we finally took a call for audits.

The results were astonishing, hospital performed exceptionally well in the audits. Only 9 NCs were identified and staff received lot of compliments for their thorough involvement and knowledge about the standards. This hospital was invited to the center for their facilitation. Our faith and persistence paid off and we could see the results in the form of special honors received by the hospital. This hospital has become a live example for many who feel that quality improvement is still a dream in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Even corporate requires assistance

Here I am going to mention our premium clientage. This specialty center is in Coimbatore, one of the referral centers for neurology and orthopedic surgeries. Equipped with all the talents in a place, this hospital functioning is a beauty in itself. The involvement of entire management is commendable and the same is reflected in the patient care. The expansion and exploration overseas is also remarkable where they have proved the state of art facilities being used for Indian set up. They started with NABH process for nearly three years but the due to lack of direction could not make it. We were introduced to the hospital owners through common friends. We took up the case for interpersonal relationship and professional assistance required.

As described this hospital was pool of talent at a common place. The link missing was the synthesis required and providing clear directions to the staff members. Our exercise was not intense but definitely more of strategic. We identified the clients needs first and gave a solution which was appropriate to their requirements. We made team inside the hospital for execution of different standards. Our major role was to assign the tasks to individual team members and ensuring that they understand the methodology for execution. We conducted periodic assessments inside the hospital and a lot of communication through teleconferencing. A lot of strategic inputs were given to the team members.

Around 9 months of preparation led us to the decision for going for final assessment. This was record time for preparation of NABH. The assessment went smooth and the hospital came with flying colors with lot of accolades for the special patient care system in the hospital. We returned satisfied after making our presence amongst one of the pioneers in India.

Yes a smaller hospital with minimal resources can achieve success too

Each clientage we pick up is a journey in itself. The reason to pick up this clientage for the description is; for the first time even we could not believe that we could improve quality for this hospital. The hospital is situated in Ambala, having 20 beds and single specialty. When we started with this hospital, even crucial staff for clinical care was not available. This was a big decision for us since persuading the hospital to increase its operational expenditure is a sin. No one agrees to that. This hospital did not have the bare essentials of the hospital itself. Our dream compelled us to take up the project by brainstorming unique solution for the hospital.

Our involvement for this project was not only strategic, but also very intense. We had to put many resources for the hospital since no one was capable enough to take the call for hospital. Senior authorities in the hospital were not so involved in the administrative functions to look into the day to day operations. We put three members of our team to continuously work and mingle with the culture of the organization and making them to perform in their own shells without having any insecurity from the consultants. Our work here was to be in their caps and work with them on ground. There was continuous hand holding for the client end.

First few months nothing moved except for the facilitations from our staff members. Then we started the exercise to slowly involve the management into the organizational affairs as well as affairs related to the quality. We were successful in our attempt and soon there was addition in our team of an experienced nursing staff who was present in the premises on 24/7 basis. This helped us and things started moving, within next 3 months we took a call for the audits. There was lot of apprehension from the management which was put to rest by making informed choices for the organization.

Our efforts were successful. This hospital performed very well with only 20 NCs identified. This is a precious addition for us as a clientage where we proved to our self that yes WE CAN.

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