How Rehab at Megaliving is Different?

We at Megaliving Healthcare have modified;

Therapeutic Community model for treatment of Adolescents in following ways:

  • The duration of stay is shorter than for adults.
  • Treatment stages reflect progress along behavioral, emotional, and developmental dimensions.
  • Adolescent programs are generally less confrontational than adult programs.
  • Adolescents have less say in the management of the program
  • Staff members provide more supervision and evaluation than they do in adult programs.
  • Neurological impairments, particularly learning disabilities and related disorders (e.g., AD/HD), are assessed.
  • There is less emphasis on work and more emphasis on education, including actual schoolwork, in the adolescent program.
  • Family involvement is enhanced and ideally should be staged, beginning with orientation and education, then moving to support groups, therapy groups, and therapy with the adolescent. When parental support is nonexistent,
    probation officers, social workers, or other supportive adults in the youth’s life can participate in therapy
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