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We are a dynamic group of professional including clinicians/industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologists and organizational development (OD) professionals with several decades of cumulative domain and technology expertise and knowledge in Healthcare sector. We help our partners and clients achieve their strategic objectives by maximizing the use of their humane sources and modern technologies. We employ state-of-the art methods that energize and trans form individual, team and organizational performance through our Total Performance System.

Promoted by the government and fuelled by the corporate boom in medical care, India is increasingly seen as the favored destination of “medical tourists” who cross national boundaries to seek treatment that is cheaper than in their home countries. Medical tourism is a multi-billion-dollar industry promoted by governments and the medical and tourism industries.

With advancements in the corporate healthcare infrastructure and increasing awareness about the quality and standardization, India is in the best position to offer competitive services to our International counterparts. We at Singh Healthcare Solutions are trying to revolutionize experience for the patients by facilitating medical care at the origin/ Home town of the patient and hand holding till their transfer in India and to the respective hospitals, taking an opportunity to aid the patients and providing them incredible hospitality.

Why India

  1. Image revolution: The government, the healthcare, and the travel industry has worked together to change the predominant image in the minds of the average public in the medical tourist originating countries , with corporate chains coming in, better facilities, trained doctors and improved hospitality services, overall patient experience is imprinted and it generates more positive vibes.
  2. Quality standards: JCI and NABH have increased the credibility of the corporate institutions. Few years back it was only Apollo group which was tagged as JCI accreditated, increasing needs and globalization has spread the standardization in all the metros, which is spreading to tier II cities opening more choices for the patients
  3. Improve infrastructure: Globalization and increased government support has made it possible to access the best technology and state of art institutions to be made available in India. The infrastructure and personnel support so available is at par any of the international healthcare institutions
  4. Simplified procedures: With the advent of Medical facilitators, the cross border procedures are merely a formality. The patient experience has been increased to provide them e-consults, country originated OPDs, visa processing, electronic transfer of records, availability of the translators which has made the whole process congenial for cross border transfers.
  5. Statistics


Why Us

In House team of Medical Experts: The first question to a patients mind is to whom he should go and to which hospital. We generally rely on our family physician to take the advice for the doctor and the hospital. We at Singh Healthcare Solutions offer the services for the first e-consult to evaluate your condition and then provide you with the choices of the doctors and healthcare institutions as per your needs.

Pan India Presence: We offer you destination suitable to your location. Our pan India presence makes it a convenient choice for the patient to choose the hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. We have a large catering base which equips us to offer you a itinerary of your choice.

Cost Effectiveness: A cumulative experience of collaborating with healthcare institution gives us a superlative advance of offering services from tier II cities of India which are cost effective for you and gives you an opportunity to explore a cleaner and raw India. The locations of tier II is placed close to the tourist destinations which gives an added advantage of value addition with less travel.

Technology Advantage: Our consulting in house technology partners give us edge to communicate better with our patients who incorporated features for the consultations and exchange of patient information.



Medical Support

  1. Screening at SHS center for the consultation
  2. Suggesting the recommended doctor and institution
  3. E-Consultations
  4. Second opinion for the consultations if required
  5. Packages for the procedures
  6. Options for the surgeries within the budget.
  7. Coordinating all the documentation for the patient
  8. Post surgical check up

Logistics Support(Optional)

  1. Assisting in Visa formalities
  2. Airport transfer
  3. Assisting for accommodation of the relatives
  4. Arranging for the visits to the tourist places
  5. Providing escorts for the visit if required.
  6. Travel insurance
  7. Medical insurance


  1. Cardiothoracic Surgeries
  2. Orthopedics
  3. Oncology
  4. Organ transplants
  5. Cosmetic Surgeries
  6. Dental
  7. Rehabilitation
  8. Reproductive and fertility /IVF
  9. Rejuvenation

Our Partners

  1. Apollo Hospital
  2. Artemis Hospital
  3. Rockland, manesar
  4. BLK Hospital
  5. Jaypee Hospital
  6. Max Hospital
  7. Seven Hills

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Frequently Asked questions

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is a new concept used to represent obtaining medical or surgical services while traveling or vacationing in another country.

What are the types of medical procedures that tourists usually seek in India?

There are a lot of different medical/surgical options for medical tourists. Primarily, medical tourists get elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery, hip and knee replacements, dental procedures, infertility treatments; any procedure that is usually not covered by insurance or has a long waiting time in their home country.

What is the cost savings compared to the costs in my country?

The potential cost savings for medical tourists are huge and as a result are one of the more important factors in seeking treatment in India. It is important to note that the cost for each individual will vary depending on their need and requirements. Usually, an elective procedure such as a knee replacement would cost on average of $30,000 in the US. Whereas getting that same procedure done using similar quality parts in India would cost 40 – 60{fe05813dd154ea159f11f82c61f98eeb40ac8e2f89a2f952a91bbc913c0421e1} less than the cost in the US, including the hospital stay, all procedure and physicians costs and transportation to and from India. The costs compared to UK are similarly lower by about 40 – 60{fe05813dd154ea159f11f82c61f98eeb40ac8e2f89a2f952a91bbc913c0421e1}. This is mainly possible because of favorable currency exchange rates.

Are these costs savings due to lower standards of medicine in India?

Absolutely not, the Indian medical standards match up to the highly prescribed international standards. The lower costs are due to favorable currency conversion rates and lower costs of operating in India.

How do I make payments and how is it handled?

You will be required to make payment per hospital policy. Usually, this involves paying a deposit prior to undergoing any diagnostic tests and/or procedures. A final bill will be presented to you prior to discharge from the hospital. The travel and accommodation charges will be collected as per Company rules and regulations.

Why should I choose India over other destinations?

India has some of the most highly qualified and experienced physicians in the world. With a cultural emphasis on education, most of these physicians have gone on to super-specialize in their field, enabling them to become experts in their respective medical specialties. Further, most of the physicians that are in the SHS network have had extensive hands on training. The hospitals that SHS has tied up with are the leading hospitals in India with multi-specialty facilities.

Are the hospitals in India well equipped and up to international standards?

India has several private hospitals that are designed to provide world-class medical care in India. These hospitals utilize some of the best medical equipment that is available world-wide. A specific example of such a hospital is one located in Mumbai, which has been designed per guidelines from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, to ensure that they meet rigorous international standards. This hospital focuses on patient safety and comfort and has been designed in such a way that will minimize the risk of infection. SHS has carefully evaluated and selected only those hospitals that meet very high international standards to be a part of our network.

Can I speak to the doctor in India before going on my trip?

SHS will be happy to arrange a phone consultation with the corresponding physician in India and ensure that all of your questions are answered. We provide this as part of our total package, as we want you to be totally comfortable with your decision to go to India for your medical needs. You can also have your doctor consult with our doctors in India.

After reaching India, how do I go about with my trip?

A SHS Relationship Manager will be with you every step of the way; from meeting you at the airport when you land in India, to the moment you leave to fly back home. Their sole function is to provide you with any assistance that you may need. They will ensure that transportation is arranged to and from your accommodation to the hospital for all of your appointments. In addition, you will also be given a pre-paid cellular phone during your stay, so that you can contact your Relationship Manager or anyone else that you may want.

Can I travel as soon as my medical treatment is over?

Your physician in India will make an assessment of your recovery and make a decision as to when it may be possible for you to travel.

Terms and Conditions

Client Informed Consent and Release. This agreement informs a client of the risks and benefits associated with receiving medical care abroad, including risks and/or consequences of treatment and traveling before and after treatment. In addition to standard contract provisions, a Client Informed Consent and Release (“Consent“) should include the following clauses:

  1. General Provisions. The Consent should contain clear statements of what the MTF does and does not provide so there is no misunderstanding of the scope of the coordination services provided by the MTF. It should also recommend that the client seek independent advice from a qualified heath care provider.
  2. Warranty Disclaimer. This clause provides that the MTF does not guarantee the services performed by others, specifically those who provide travel, accommodations and direct health care services.
  3. Limited Liability. This provision provides that the MTF is not responsible for any losses the client may incur that are caused by anyone outside the control of the MTF.
  4. Limited Damages. This clause provides that the MTF is not responsible for any money claimed by a client for loss or injury, for any reason, beyond the amount actually paid to the MTF for coordination services.
  5. Limitation on Actions. This provision requires a client to assert any claim against the MTF within a specified period of time so that the MTF can manage its risks.
  6. Governing Law. Where parties operate in different states or countries, there may be disagreement about the interpretation of a contract. This clause is intended to address under what law the Consent will be interpreted if a dispute arises.
  7. Dispute Resolution. Where parties operate in different states or countries, there may be disagreement about where, and under what process, disputes will be resolved. This provision is intended to address where and how disputes between the parties will be resolved, such as by the courts or by arbitration.
  8. Venue and Jurisdiction. Where parties operate in different states or countries, there may be disagreement about which courts will hear any claims. This clause addresses where and in which courts such judicial action would take place.
  9. Severability. This provision prevents the entire agreement from being unenforceable if one provision is determined to be invalid or unenforceable.
  10. Attorney’s Fees. This clause specifies who is responsible for paying attorney’s fees in the event a dispute arises.

Client Agreement. This agreement governs the commercial terms between the MTF and the client. Because a client will have signed a Consent, it is not necessary to include in the Client Agreement many of the protections contained in the Consent document, resulting in a simpler form of Client Agreement. That said, in addition to standard contract provisions, a Client Agreement should include the following clauses:

  1. Payment. This provision addresses the amount and timing of all payments due to the MTF.
  2. Informed Consent. The client should specifically acknowledge entering into the Consent.
  3. Assignment. Most contracts are freely assignable, unless stated otherwise. This clause provides that the Client Agreement may not be assigned to another party. For example, the MTF may not want the Client to assign its rights and obligations under the agreement to another party unless the MTF consents to such assignment.
  4. Governing Law. Where parties operate in different states or countries, there may be disagreement about the interpretation of a contract. This clause addresses under what law the Client Agreement will be interpreted if a dispute arises.
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