Training program

Nurses shortage is not a new terminology in todays medical world. There are debates going on with major pioneer institutes to address the current problem. Even with mushrooming of the training institutes; there is hue and cry amongst the private players and the skilled nursing manpower. Private players complaint of poor nursing skills and nursing staff compliant of poor salaries despite putting significant number of years into the course. We at Singh healthcare Solutions, look this situation as an opportunity for improvement in the nursing education and thrusting a significant presence in the society by addition of quality nursing. The organization comes with cumulative experience of 50 years of the medical industry. We present uniqueness of amalgamating both interfaces of the society. We do understand the need of the hospital and the nurses at a point of delivery. Hence, we seek humble intention of value addition to the society by offering intensive skill up gradation course as per the requirements of the hospital industry. This certificate program is dedicated to the population who wish to hone their skills in focused areas.

Course Description

Certificate course for Nurses which is meant for skill up gradation as per hospital requirements. The course focuses on key skill areas. This Includes classroom session with fixed hourly distribution of the topics followed by clinical trainings in the hospitals for one week. Value additions include personality development and self presentation of individuals. The classroom session will be held with industry experts on various topics. The trainings will be by factual interactions, video, simulation and mock exercises with the students. The culmination will be with assessment and placement of the students with the empanelled hospital.


45 working days


  1. BSc Nurses
  2. GNM with 3 years of experience
  3. Critical care Nurses
  4. MSc Nursing


  • Course certifies the candidates for infection control and critical care skills
  • Orientation with the NABH standards
  • Nursing documentation skill up-gradation
  • Familiarization with the forms and format
  • Placements immediately after the course at best market price
  • Base of empanelled hospital
  • Interaction with various industry experts


Hospital Infection Control ( Class Room and Practical)

  1. Portals of Entry and Exit of Pathogens
  2. Hand Hygiene and Five hand movements
  3. Standard Precautions
  4. Management of Invasive devices
  5. Transmission based precautions
  6. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization
  7. Surveillance of infection in hospital
  8. Post exposure prophylaxis and vaccination for healthcare workers
  9. Documentation of bundles

Critical Care Nursing (Classroom and Practical)

  1. Central line placement
  2. Catheter insertions
  3. Drainage of the abscess
  4. Tracheostomy
  5. Methods of insertion of care of IV cannula
  6. Nasogastric tube insertion and feeding
  7. Nursing Documentation
  8. CPR for patients
  9. Familiarization with the critical care equipment

Additional Certification

Basic Life support


Communication and Presentation skills

Hospital Visits

Placements in the hospital for hands on for the above mentioned topics.

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